Welcome to the African and African Diaspora Studies Program at McMaster University


The undergraduate Interdisciplinary Minor in African and African Diaspora Studies is made up of courses spanning across more than 15 departments. It provides students with in-depth understanding of African and African-diaspora peoples and societies around the world.

A minimum of 24 eligible units, with no more than 6 Level I units, are required for the completion of this minor.

Those wishing to learn more about Africa and Diaspora without pursuing a minor may also choose to enroll in AADS courses.


For those wishing to complete the Interdisciplinary Minor in African and African Diaspora Studies, a minimum of 24 units from the list below must be completed. No more than 6 units of Level 1 courses may be applied towards the completion of the Minor. Some of the courses below are cross-listed. It is the student’s responsibility to check carefully for prerequisites, co-requisites and enrollment restrictions of all courses in this list.

Please consult with the Faculty of Humanities website to view the current course outlines or contact the Departments.

Click here for a full list of approved AADS courses that are currently offered in 2020/2021.

We have faculty from across McMaster who contribute their expertise to AADS through their excellence in research and teaching.

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To aid you in your studies, a list of resources available online and in the McMaster Libraries have been compiled. Primary and secondary sources both contain valuable information for AADS.

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Anyone with questions regarding the Minor in African and African Diaspora Studies is welcome to contact either: